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samuelle_1 ([personal profile] samuelle_1) wrote2008-02-28 09:39 pm

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This is for all of you, who accidentially stumble upon my journal. Maybe I left feedback or applied to one of your communities. 
The chances of me making  entries, let alone update on a fairly regular basis are rather small.

That is because:

a) English is not my first language. Altough I have no problems whatsoever understanding you, I don´t feel comfortable expressing myself in English.  It does not come naturally, I´m always insecure about grammar, let alone punctuation.

b) quite honestly, I´m shy. And not very talkative. And very critical towards myself. Which is not a good combination when it comes to lj.

You see, the odds are against me becoming an excessive lj-writer. But, and that was the point I was heading for:  I´m just an ordinary lurker with a deep and unperturbable love for fandom. Nothing stalkerish, creepy or weird.

Thanks for reading and off I am...